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Investment Analyst

Doxa Partners is looking for someone bright, thoughtful, numerate, and who shares our Ethos, to join our 11-person team as an entry level Investment Analyst. You could be an arts graduate that is comfortable with numbers, or have completed a more quantitative degree and want to further your skills (perhaps learning Python and SQL) while exploring a messy world.

We are a team of investment professionals that has worked together for over ten years managing a family multi-asset investment fund, working from our townhouse office in Mayfair, London.  Our clients have been entrepreneurially successful for nearly two centuries, and are now in their sixth generation.  We like them and honour the trust they have given us as stewards of their investments. 

You will join a team whose members bring different perspectives and think in different ways. We will share our fascination for how the financial world works with you, and train you to become an outstanding professional investment decision maker using and improving the fundamental methodologies that we have developed.

This role involves:

  1. Researching investments (bonds, funds, equities, special situations and themes) and then recommending them to the portfolio manager

  2. Analysing investment performance and risk

  3. Updating and adapting our view on existing investments based on market and company events

Our ideal candidate:

  1. Reads widely, so can see things from multiple perspectives

  2. Is comfortable with numbers

  3. Likes working out causes and testing hypotheses

  4. Shares Doxa’s Ethos 

We offer a salary of £35k plus a bonus scheme that participates in the returns we generate for our investors.

We are able to sponsor successful candidates who require a Skilled Worker Visa.

We have designed how we recruit to be as easy and straightforward as possible using our short arithmetic and comprehension test, after which we will ask successful candidates for their CV. This enables us to assess candidates fairly, especially those who have not previously considered investment management. 

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