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We are seeking to recruit and train bright people who share our Ethos

We are a diverse team of investment professionals that has worked together for up to ten years managing a family multi-asset investment fund, from our townhouse office in Mayfair, London.  Our clients have been entrepreneurially successful for nearly two centuries and are now in their sixth generation.  Our investment portfolio generally includes bonds, equities, shares in private companies, precious metals and third-party funds.


Our currently available roles:

Data Analyst
This role reports to our senior data analyst and involves:

  1. Analysing and visualising data relating to investments so we can better decide which asset classes to invest in and how better to select individual investments

  2. Integrating Python, Excel and SQL to automate and share data visualisations and insights

  3. Helping with the various things needed to make our team work smoothly


You will require a high level of numeracy (including at least an undergraduate degree in a related discipline) and a proven interest in coding for data analysis. 

Investment Analyst
This entry level role involves:

  1. Investigating potential investments and then recommending them to the portfolio manager

  2. Analysing investment performance and portfolio risk, both ad hoc and systematically

  3. Helping with the various things needed to make our team work smoothly

So long as you are comfortable with numbers and have an undergraduate degree, you do not need investment experience or a particular qualification because we value people who have many intellectual interests: our team’s academic background includes literature, languages, maths, science, engineering, finance and economics.

How to apply:
If any of these roles interest you, please click on the "Apply" button below to register for our online test.
This test is designed to assess arithmetic and logic.  It requires concentration, so we request that you ensure you will not be disturbed for at least the next 15 minutes before taking the first stage of our test.  
We will ask successful candidates to provide their CV for further consideration.


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