We are looking for the right people to join us 

About Doxa Partners

Doxa Partners manages a large family investment fund. We work in our townhouse office in Mayfair, London, and have for over 10 years. Our clients have been entrepreneurs for nearly two centuries, and are now in their sixth commercially successful generation. 

We make wide ranging investments, including stocks, bonds, funds, private investments, and hedging derivatives. Our approach is empirical and structured (but flexible) and, increasingly, data driven. 

We are seeking:

  1. An entry level Investment Analyst: click here to see this role

  2. An entry level Software Developer / Data Analyst: click here to see this role

  3. An entry level Operations Controller (Finance Analyst): click here to see this role

We look for potential, so we are open minded about your professional and academic background (subject to the requirements mentioned below), and we are able to sponsor successful candidates who require a Skilled Worker Visa (and hence a Bachelor's degree is a requirement for all roles). All candidates must share Doxa's Ethos of Stewardship, Discovery and Camaraderie. Candidates must be available to work primarily in person in our office in London. 

Investment Analyst

Our team of 8 professional investors enjoys researching investments, teaching each other, and challenging and extending each other's thinking.

This role involves:

  1. Researching investments then forming and voicing your recommendation

  2. Learning then building our way of investing together

Candidate requirements:

  1. Is comfortable with numbers

  2. Is curious, builds hypotheses, finds evidence and is flexible in their thinking

  3. Reads widely

  4. Shows interesting things in their CV

  5. Available to work in person at our London office

If successful in our test, we will follow up with an audio interview, case study, then a face-to-face interview. 

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Software Developer / Data Analyst

Our systems and data teams seek an entry level graduate coder. 

This role involves:

  1. Performing maintenance on, and helping to develop:

    • Our Python-coded data analysis and visualisation systems​

    • Our C# and JavaScript-coded Portfolio Management System

  2. Working on additional coding or data analysis projects ad-hoc as required

Candidate requirements:

  1. Experience and evidence of developing in at least one of: Python, C#, JavaScript or Java

  2. Available to work initially entirely in person at our London office

Our ideal candidate:

  1. Has experience with each of Python, C# and JavaScript

  2. Has experience using the Pandas library in Python

  3. Has experience with querying and configuring SQL databases

  4. Has experience of using git code repositories

  5. Has some knowledge of finance and accounting

If successful in our test, we will request some evidence of one prior coding project you have worked on. If this is sufficient, we will follow up with a short audio interview, then a face-to-face interview. 

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Operations Controller (Finance Analyst)

Our Operations team seeks a recent graduate so we can continue to build a robust and flexible system for control and reporting to empower our Research team and adjust quickly to our investors' needs. Our Operations team is recruited and trained to the same high standards as our Research team. We apply focus and purpose during the workday to build the control architecture for our investment management business. 

About this role: 

  1. After learning our processes and our proprietary automated Portfolio Management System ("Okris") you will:

    • Take primary responsibility for day-to-day financial control over our investments, and reporting of their performance​

    • Strengthen and further automate our processes

    • Shape the development of Okris with out Operations and Software teams

  2. As you develop, there is scope for your involvement to broaden into:

    • Additional reporting to our Investors​

    • Cost management and analysis

    • Counterparty management

    • Performance analysis

    • Regulatory compliance

  3. We will train you to be a rounded finance professional who can:

    • Understand how Financial Instruments work​

    • Develop robust and efficient processes

    • Apply financial analysis skills to investigate and resolve business issues

    • Use SQL to analyse data from our Portfolio Management System

We will support you through any qualifications that are relevant to your job (for example qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with the ICAEW).

Candidate requirements:

  1. Numerate, systematic, thorough, and technophilic

  2. Enjoys creating and maintaining order through improving systems

  3. Thinks flexibly when faced with new challenges

  4. Confidently deals with complexity

  5. Available to work initially entirely in person at our London office

Our ideal candidate:

  1. Has knowledge of or experience in accounting and finance, especially financial instruments

  2. Has experience in querying SQL databases

  3. Is comfortable interacting with and analysing data

If successful in our test, we will follow up with a short audio interview, case study, then a face-to-face interview. 

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