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Recruiters - register below

We actively seek commercial partnerships with recruitment consultants, and have designed this simple form with standard terms to make this easy.


If you have already registered your company with us, you can register your candidates here.

By registering your company with us, you agree to the following terms:

  1. We ("Doxa Partners LLP") will use multiple recruitment companies

  2. We will pay you a fee of 20% of starting base salary only one calendar month after the start of the candidate's employment contract, and only if the candidate is still working for us, and provided that:

    • You have registered the candidate with us either three weeks before or one week after they register with us for the first time, and

    • The candidate agrees that you have introduced them to us and that we may inform you of their application status

  3. You will not solicit nor disclose any recruiting materials sent to candidates with other candidates 

  4. We will use reasonable efforts to inform you of your candidates' progress per the Frequently Asked Questions published on our website from time to time

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I accept the terms above and Doxa Partner LLP's Privacy Policy


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