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Welcome to Doxa Partners

We actively seek commercial partnerships with recruitment consultants and pay a 20% fee. We hope our simple standardised process makes this easy for you to find excellent Doxa roles for your high-quality candidates, just as our automated application process enables us to identify excellent candidates. 

Registering with us means we can prioritise your candidates and let you know of future roles at Doxa Partners. 


We hope that we have explained the roles and how you fit in clearly on our website but are here to help at

What is the process for recruiters?

  1. Register with us agreeing to our standard terms and Privacy Policy

  2. Register your candidates so we can match applications to you (no need to send CVs)

  3. Candidates register with us (including our online test) and we ask them if any recruiter referred them

  4. As described in the job description, we then inform candidates of their application status and, with the candidate's consent, will use reasonable efforts to keep you informed

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the terms negotiable? No.

    • We have designed them to be simple and fair given that your role is limited to identifying candidates and encouraging them to register with us - we will assess the candidates

    • We are FCA registered and well established, and have paid recruitment agencies on a similar basis many times in the past

  2. How do I get a better understanding of the role requirements?

    • ​The requirements for each open role are outlined on the Careers page​​

    • As long as your candidates meet these, all you need to do is register them and encourage them to take our online test

  3. Are you looking for ASAP starts?

    • ASAP starts are good, but we look for quality first​

  4. How do I find out how my candidates have done?

    • We will use reasonable efforts to match candidate applications to candidates you have registered and keep you informed, with the candidate's permission and agreement

    • If you bring many good candidates forward, we are happy to discuss

  5. Why do you use an online test, even if good candidates sometimes fail?​

    • The online test allows us to assess many candidates fairly and consistently, in particular to give a fair chance to candidates from non-traditional backgrounds​

    • We know that online tests have limitations and we address these by having a range of questions, looking at the CVs of 'marginal' candidates to identify spikes of evidence of ability and assessing candidates more broadly after they have passed the test screen

  6. What is the case study procedure?

    • These are tailored to each role and we do not disclose details prior to sending to candidates whose applications we are serious about​

    • The case studies do not take more than a couple of hours

  7. What if the same candidate is introduced by more than one recruiter?

    • The first recruiter that the candidate recognises takes priority​

    • In case of a situation where a candidate has been sourced by multiple recruiters, than at our discretion we may split the fee between these recruiters but will not pay more than the agreed total fee (i.e. the fractions of fee will add to the one promised fee).

  8. Can we contact you? ​

    • As with candidate assessment, we have designed this process to be simple, easy and straight forward​

    • We hope, however, that all questions are answered on our website, and regularly update these to make our information as clear as possible

    • We are happy to speak to recruiters who provide many high quality candidates

    • Please feel free to contact us at 

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