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Doxa develops wise courageous decision makers who together with technology create sustained investment returns and give sound advice to our investors

Calculated risk taking and creativity for innovation and growth

Continuous learning and development, individually and as a team

Integrity and respect, valuing trust and relationships

  1. Make courageous and wise "Kelly Bets", including with Doxa time and resources

  2. Take and delegate responsibility, pushing to decisions with transparency and safeguards

  3. Act as brain extensions for our clients and colleagues

  4. Give our investors the resources, liquidity and capabilities they need to make calculated risks in their businesses

  1. Listen open-mindedly, then challenge and improve our own and each other's beliefs

  2. Measure and learn from the results of our decisions

  3. Wrestle with and adapt to the trade offs, constraints and discomfort of reality

  4. Share information and teach insights

  1. Lead by example

  2. Treat each other with respect and dignity

  3. Encourage and protect each other to become our best

  4. Work on ourselves so that work is fulfilling and enjoyable

  5. Use this Ethos to hold each other to account

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