We wrote this Ethos together to hold ourselves accountable to ourselves, our clients and the people we interact with

Doxa Ethos


  1. Our purpose is to safeguard and grow the funds entrusted to our care as if they were our own, looking to the good of our partnership with our clients

  2. We are transparent to our clients and each other within the framework of this Ethos

  3. We work practically within the constraints of reality


  1. We honestly measure what we do, welcome mistakes, learn and improve

  2. We discuss our investments and our business openly, and expect both constructive criticism and collective commitment

  3. We encourage each team member to become their best self within the framework of this Ethos


  1. We care about each other like a family and push each other to become excellent

  2. We enjoy our work

  3. Doxa prospers when our clients prosper

  4. We regard our clients and their colleagues as part of our broader team