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We are looking for the right people to join us 

About Doxa Partners

Doxa Partners manages a large family investment fund from our office in Mayfair, London. Our clients have been entrepreneurs for nearly two centuries and are now in their sixth commercially successful generation. 

We make wide ranging investments, including stocks, bonds, funds and private investments. Our approach is empirical and structured (but flexible) and, increasingly, data driven. 

We seek team members who share Doxa's Ethos of Calculated Risk Taking, Continuous Learning and Camaraderie.

Investment Analyst


We continuously look for the right people to join our investment research team. We look for potential, so we are open minded about your professional and academic background.


You are likely to describe yourself as curious and numerate. You likely read lots of books and seek to form and challenge opinions in many areas.


Your role would involve learning, applying and then developing our methodology to investigating investments.


To apply, please click below, register and take our online test. We will ask successful candidates for their CVs and follow up with a combination of interviews and case studies.

This role is office based. We sponsor Skilled Worker visas.

Salary: £45k p.a. plus bonus for entry level candidates, and we are open to more experienced candidates at higher salaries. 

I'm Interested
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